Apps 2019 and retrospective

Apps 2019 and retrospective

How do apps look in 2018 How do our mobile devices look? We look back at 2018 and start looking forward.

We’ve had time to develop our first apps as complete project provider, rather than consultants and learnt a lot of lessons on the way.

Other than this we had time to make our first company trip when visiting the conference React-Native EU in Wroclaw, Poland September 2018 to learn about the latest development of React-Native, one of the tools we use to build apps for iOS and Android at the same time.

It was great to see how many other companies that believe in this and are deeply involved in the tools continued future. Other than being a well deserved reward for our employees the trip proved that we’re on the right track technically.

Conference participants
Participants in Wroclaw, Poland September 2018

So what does the future entail? The cover of this article is a concept image of Samsung’s new venture, the foldable phone “Galaxy L” (image credit: letsgodigital). This new form factor promises to give us a tablet and phone in one.

How will this affect apps? Will we need to think differently to take the extended space the app gets when you unfold it into account? At Crossplatform we will of course monitor this and be the first to test apps on the first true “phablet”. 

Apple will of course not lay idle but expect to add a digital pen to their devices, just like Samsung has with Galaxy Note
Will this become more of a standard? Will you expect to be able to write naturally in apps? Crossplatform will keep an eye on this as well; testing, evaluating and taking the new technology in to account.

One technology that’s on the rise is AR – Augmented Reality. I.E displaying something digital on top of reality to enhance it.
That for example IKEA, above, are investing in this speaks of the general interest.
WE will of course test this as well to give you and your customers a fantastic, surprising experience.

So there’s a lot of exiting things to look forward to during the app year 2019, but most important of all is what experience the user gets.

The basics remain the same: a simple experience that doesn’t require any explanations. A quick and effective interface that give the users a reason to return to the app.

Crossplatform continue to focus on these areas while our top modern technology and methodology give you cost effective mobile projects that don’t run out of time and the app is delivered to iPhone and Android at the same time.

We look forward to hearing your ideas and helping you realise them during 2019.


The team at Crossplatform

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