Free iPhone and Android app in one week?

Free iPhone and Android app in one week?

You may think we’re pulling your leg, who develops apps for free? But this is how it happens.

The advantage is that we can take your app idea and create an app so you get to see it on a real device before having to decide about investing.

Step 1 – the app idea

Assume you want to build an app, have a old one you want to convert or a idea you want to realize. Simply start by telling us about it.

This way we can get to the core of the idea or existing app – what is the most important functionality, what the user really wants.

This give us a definition of “1.0” or MVP – Minimum Viable Product. The rest of the requirements are called “2.0” or “backlog” – things we do after achieving the MVP:n.

Mobil idé till verklighet

Step 2 – clickable image prototype

To see what we’re building a clickable image prototype is created using simple images that show the flow in the app.

You can test the image prototype in a web browser, on the computer or mobile device, to get a feeling of how the app will work.

This is a great tool to visualize the idea and ensure everyone agree on the functionality.

Bild prototyp app

Step 3 – one week free development

No we get to it and develop as much as we can during one week, focusing on your core functionality such as navigation, login and a profile page.


Step 4 – delivery of your app to iPhone and Android

This result in a real app you can test directly on iPhone and Android. How is this possible?

We work with cross-platform tools where one project results in an app for all devices from the same code.

iPhone och Android app på en vecka

Step 4 – project start as contracted

When you’re satisfied with the result we can decide about the project plan and deadline.

During the project you’re constantly kept informed about the development and can test the app as it progresses.

Below you can see the whole process. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to learn more.

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